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Sully's Rodent
Wildlife Control

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Wildlife & Pest Control

With Sully's rodent remediation & wildlife control you are given a full-service wildlife control company serving Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties and the surrounding areas. We are the superior wildlife control removal and pest control prevention company for both residential and commercial properties. With Sully's rodent remediation & wildlife control you are assured to have your rat, rodent wildlife issues handled by experienced professionals trained in the most humane and effective practices.

Our Services


Pest Removal

No matter what kind of critter you have in your home or business Sully's is knowledgeable on the best solution for you. Whether it is netting solutions for birds, trapping for opossum and raccoons or if it is exclusionary practices for rats and mice Sully's has the best answer for you!



Removal of your pests are the first step, after this we need to ensure that you will not experience this issue in the future. We do this by closing off any entry points to your home or business to make sure they do not have access to enter and do further damadge.



Once Sully's fixes your pest issues and excludes the critters from entering your residence or place of work we need to then restore it back to a clean and safe environment for you. We do this step by cleaning and removing all animal droppings and spraying anti-microbial disenfectant to ensure the space is sterile.


Raccoon Trapping

Sully's Rodent Remediation and Wildlife Control is experienced with the large array of wildlife that the great state of Florida has to offer such as:

Snakes, Bats, Birds,

Coyotes,  Moles, Opossums, Gophers, Wild Boar, Armadillo, Rats, Mice, Bobcats and More...


Opossum Trapping

When dealing with nuisance wildlife in your home or business the only true effective way to take care of the immediate issue and further prevent it from occurring again is to seal your home or business. As the premier rat extermination and wildlife control company we use only the highest quality materials and the most effective practices to take care of your problem for good the first time.

When it comes to pests in your home or business it is important to us that we solve your animal removal and pest prevention the correct way the first time. The way we do this is by the effective use of permanent materials while many other pest control and wildlife control companies use materials such as foam. We value our customers so we guarantee our work because it is important to us to solve your issues for the first and last time. Scratching in your attic or roof? Bad smells coming from your walls? Holes in the facia, soffit, or siding of your home? Unwanted guests living under your mobile home or crawl space? Sully's can ensure that your rodent and wildlife control issues will be taken care of for good.

Call us today to speak to a wildlife control professional near YOU!  

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