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Geometric Racoon

Squeaking, running or scratching noises coming from your walls or attic? Rustling noises that are coming from under your home or deck? Unusual noises typically louder at night or at dusk? Garbage cans turned over and trash scattered around? 

These are the tell tale signs that you have a nuisance wildlife issue. It is important to act quick and effectively when dealing with an animal control problem. Furthermore, it is important that you do not try to remove any unwanted guests yourself. For your safety you should always leave this job to a pest control or wildlife control professional. Sully's has highly trained professionals that are ready to help you with any animal related issues from your typical rat extermination to larger nuisance wildlife control issues such as opossum, raccoon, armadillo. We are  well versed to help with any of your pest control needs.


Our skills include but are not limited to: Rats, Mice, Raccoons, Squirrel, Snakes, Bats, Groundhogs, Opossum, Skunks, Moles, Voles, Armadillo, Feral Pigs, as well as a large array of birds.

These animals are considered nuisance wildlife. A nuisance wildlife animal is any animal that causes or is about to cause property damage, presents a threat to public safety, or causes an annoyance within, under, or upon any building.

What To Do?


You should never attempt to remove a wild animal from your house or business under any circumstances. Sully's Rodent Remediation and Wildlife Control prides ourselves on keeping up to date with all knowledgeable practices to ensure we are a humane and effective pest control service. Our professionals have the expertise to safely and legally remove animals from your property, keeping you and the wildlife safe from harm.​ Our practices include removing any hiding places such as wood piles, brush or overgrown shrubbery, removing any possible food sources which could be potentially attracting critters, as well as excluding and restoring properties to further prevent the return of such creatures.


When it comes to our trapping and exclusionary process we are bar none to other companies due to our extensive knowledge of wildlife and our years of skills built within this field. All of the products we use are non-toxic and safe around your pets and other humans, this maintains a safe workspace for us as well as ensuring your safety while we meet your pest control and animal removal needs. Sully's wildlife control prides ourselves on informing home owners and business owners within these practices so they will feel safe and confident that they are safe and in good hands with any animal removal or pest controlling work that we do. If you have any questions please feel free to inquire below so a professional can help you with your problems today.

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For help with alligators please contact (FWC) - Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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